The Festival Ensemble on Mull – July 2nd-7th 2017

In 2017, eight musicians who have gained from their participation at the Festival in recent years came together to work on repertoire for presentation during our traditional week on Mull in early July.  In addition, and exceptionally this year, they presented showcase concerts across the UK during the spring to raise the profile of the Festival.  The focus of the repertoire was Mendelssohn’s glorious Octet, in a new edition by Richard Jeffcoat that presents it as its 16-year-old creator conceived it, rather than in its revision for publication some years later.  And this music for eight players was set in the context of quartets from the creator of the form, from a Bohemian master as a foreigner in America, and from the most important proponent of the quartet of the last hundred years.

Tobermory waterfront

2017 artists

violins violas cellos
  • Joy Becker
  • Leonardo Giovine
  • Antonia Kesel
  • Fiona Robertson
  • Christine Anderson
  • Tom Congdon
  • Feargus Egan
  • Josh Salter


Mendelssohn Octet
Haydn Quartet, Op. 76 No. 3, the Emperor
Haydn Quartet, Op. 76 No. 5
Dvorak Quartet, Op. 96, the American
Shostakovich Quartet No. 6, Op. 101
Mozart Piano Concerto, K. 449